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Gryphon Host

September 2004 – November 2004
Gryphon Host


With some web technologies under my belt, I became more and more interested in web development.  The advent of web hosting companies was still upon us – I felt that I would rather provide the service, then pay for the service.  There were two parts to this business:

A front-end that included an interface for new customers, customer service, and order pages.  In fact, one of the products that I sold were domains.  To do this, I had to hook into the ICANN API to determine if a name was taken.

A CRM behind-the-scenes.  I called it Gryphon Panel.  It was an administrative tool that handles customer and sale information, communication, billing, and even marketing.

This was all done using PHP with a MySQL database backend. Architecture and planning for this panel as well as the public customer site was completely done before a single piece of code was written. This project could be used as a great example of the ideal waterfall approach of software development.  I strengthened my knowledge of PHP and learned how to put together a MIME email among other areas.