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Designer.  Developer.  Director.


Making dreams into a reality one dream at a time.



Build a concept


Build with tech


Build up a team


As I build, I write, especially in the technical space. It helps me learn and offers an opportunity to share with the community.

Unable To Move Page In Confluence

Today, I tried to move a page in Confluence and was unable to do so.  An error message stated: Move failed. You are not permitted to move a page to this location. After a bit of researching, found that the workaround was to turn off the space logo....

7th Guest Microscope Puzzle

The Escape Effect recently did a tribute to the 25th Anniversary for The 7th Guest.  As a result, I broke open the game again and started playing through it with my wife.  We got to the microscope puzzle and I quickly remembered how challenging it was.  I tried...


I have built over 50 titles, largely in the gaming space.