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Published Video Game Series

Sports 14

August 2012 – March 2014
Electronic Arts


During this cycle, I transitioned into a central role across five game titles – FIFA, Madden, NBA, NHL, and UFC. I had two roles –

Product Owner of the Internal CMS Experience.  I made it a point to look at the overall health of the application for audio, gameplay, graphics, etc. I took accountability for the roadmap, requirements, and service for customers across all game teams.

Technical Director for External Development.  I was accountable or responsible for the following: vendor setup, technical interviews, Engineer coaching, defining engagement process, reviewing contracts, and task identification.

The most notable learning from this experience is that the organization is too vertical – meaning, too many layers of management and not enough people who remember what it means or how to produce. This leads to internal politics that can displace genuine effort. No effort leads to lack of production. Lack of production means wasteful spending.