Classified Video Game


March 2001 – March 2001
Home Project


While seeking information on the future Gameboy Advance, I came across various websites that supported the older models of the Gameboy. These sites contained demos, FAQs, and SDKs. Since not much was found on the GBA, I took an interest in an SDK for the original Gameboy.

As a result, my interest turned into a small “Concentration” or “Memory”-type of game for the original Gameboy named “Mem-X”. Twenty-five cards from a twenty-six card deck are dealt face-down on a 5×5 board. The player has the ability to turn over any two cards at any one time. If those two face-up cards match each other, then the cards remain face-up. The object of the game is to turn all cards face-up in the least amount of time. The “odd” card (or the card without a match) is turned over if it is the only card left in a face-down state.

Simple, yet exciting for me to see something “homebrewn”, so to speak, work on a Gameboy.