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November 1997 – March 1998
Home Project


While I was dealing casino games in Atlantic City, I decided to put some of my knowledge from my current classes to practical use. As a result, an interactive tutorial was created for the intricate Asian table game, Pai Gow Tiles. If you are familiar with the American version of this game, known as Pai Gow Poker, then Pai Gow Tiles will be easier to understand at first.

The game is played so that the banker and the player receive four tiles each. A tile looks like a large domino with pips engraved similarly to traditional dominos. In order to set each hand, one must create one high and one low hand each consisting of two tiles. When all tiles are set, the player and banker high and low hands are compared respectively. In order to win, one must win both the low and high hands. If the hands are split, then a push results; otherwise, a loss. Hands are compared with a set of rules that govern strength. This set of rules, which can slightly change from casino to casino, is the main focus of this tutorial program.