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Classified Mame Cabinet


May 2005 – June 2005
Home Project


If I have no pressing projects, I usually try to find something to keep me active in software development. Recipes was partially created as a project to keep me busy, but it was also created as a gift to my wife who enjoys cooking a lot.

In a nutshell, Recipes is an online cookbook. It functions with a MySQL back-end and a PHP front-end. The majority of the code was based off of work I had done on Gryphon Panel. You may even notice similarities in the placement of objects and menu bars, but there is certainly enough of a difference to set it apart as a completely independent product. Users can sort, filter, print, rate, and review recipes. It May be reminiscent of something implemented at an online bookstore.

I am really finding that I enjoy working with the combination of MySQL and PHP. It partially stems from my technical side by developing the database schema and my creative side by developing the associated website UI.