It’s been around for years.  I’ve seen others generate prints, but have never done it myself.  That is, until now.

Tonight, I unpacked a new DaVinci Jr Wifi.  Here are my thoughts on it:

  • Fairly large – approximately 17″ cubed.
  • Filament spool sits on the inside of that cube – nothing on the outside of the cube.
  • Not sure if there is a cheaper alternative to the Jr. filament – it’s a bit more than most others.
  • Print time is relatively long, but somewhat expected of all printers – a silver dollar coin took about an hour to print on high quality.
  • Setting wifi for the first time was a bear – it involved plugging in a computer the first time, odd.
  • Relative to other makes, tt is quieter because it is enclosed.
  • Relative to other makes and models, it is one of the least expensive at $400, although I found one or two on Amazon for $350 + shipping.

Overall, it’s a decent first experience printing.  I’m willing to bet in the next ten years that prints will become considerably faster and the market will be so saturated with devices that the prices will drop dramatically.