If you ever find yourself in a situation where your website appears hacked, corrupt, or odd – do not despair!  Here are some ideas that you could try to repair, troubleshoot, etc.  Good luck!

Repair Database

WordPress offers a repair utility, but it is typically turned off, by default.  The process involves adding a line to the wp-config file and pushing a button at a special URL.  Details are here:


Debug Bar

If you are comfortable analyzing PHP code, there is a plugin available that adds a special debug menu to the WordPress bar.  There is the base plugin found here:


Then, install the Debug Console Bar, which gives you the ability to write SQL/PHP from the same interface.  This particular plugin is located here:


Of course, I recommend that you search/install plugins directly from the Plugins page found in the Administrator view.


This plugin was created as a method to unofficially get fixes out quicker to WordPress installations faster than the official releases.  It can be found here: