I’m reworking a client’s site and am replacing their functions.php.  In there, I found a function that I wrote to remove specific menu items from the WordPress Administrative area.  For future reference, here it is:

 * Several menus items are shown to non-Administrators, but really should not
 * be displayed. Hide specific menus unnecessary for non-Administrators.
function hide_admin_menus()
   // If the user is not an Administrator, put together the pages that should not be displayed. To get the
   // IDs, use the "id" attribute on the "li" element - if you right-click on any of the Admin menus and
   // "Inspect Element" in Chrome, you can easily find it. The markup looks something like this:
   // <li class="wp-has-submenu wp-not-current-submenu menu-top menu-icon-plugins" id="menu-plugins">
   // In the above case, the ID that this function is looking for is "menu-plugins".
   $pages_to_hide = array();
   if ( !current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) )
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'toplevel_page_wpcf7';
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'menu-posts-dt_portfolio';
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'menu-posts-dt_benefits';
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'menu-posts-dt_gallery';
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'menu-posts-dt_slideshow';
      $pages_to_hide[] = 'menu-tools';
   // Now that we have a list of pages, run through them
   // and hide them using CSS.
   foreach ( $pages_to_hide as $page_to_hide )
         '#'.$page_to_hide.' { display: none; }'.
add_action( 'admin_head', 'hide_admin_menus' );