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I wanted to create documentation for my most recent PHP project.  My code was all set and in a form that it should be in – I just needed a way to generate the docs.  I considered two options:

Ended up going with phpDocumentor because it looks like it has a library of templates and I’d have a better chance of finding something that feels like it belongs with my project.  I followed the phpDoc instructions by using PEAR to install phpDocumentor.  One note – I came across an issue during this step:

$ pear install php/phpDocumentor

After a bit of downloading/waiting, I saw this message in the console:

ERROR: failed to mkdir C:\php\pear\data\phpDocumentor\ansible\roles\phpdocumentor.common\handlers

Not sure why I was hitting that.  There should be no special permissions on the C drive for creating that folder.  To get around it, I manually created the folder using Windows Explorer.  Ran the command again and it appears to have been installed properly – I could tell because I had a new phpdoc.bat file and pear/phpDocumentor folder in my local WampServer bin/php/… folder.