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I built a batch file that understands how to generate the documentation for my project.  Here are some points that I think are noteworthy for future reference:

  • When using a batch file (instead of just going through a command-line), ensure that we call pear before phpdoc.  Evidently, this sets up some variables that phpdoc requires.
  • Redirect the phpdoc call so that the (usually) lengthy output is placed into a file instead of scrolling off of the command prompt buffer/window.  This can be done like this:
    • call phpdoc.bat > c:\theoutput.txt
  • No need to pass a bunch of settings on the command-line.  Use a config file like this:
  • In order to use several of the templates that ship with phpDocumentor, it was necessary to install the XSLT extension.  Essentially this just meant enabling it in the php.ini file by uncommenting this line:
    • ;extension=php_xsl.dll
    • I had disabled it improperly under the apache folder before I realized that it needed to be changed under the php folder.  This article helped.