With BluePrint-Q, I’ve generally been taking on clients’ websites and their domain names.  This past week, I took on TBS Automation.  They have a number of other services associated with their domain name (e.g. mail, SSL) that did not make sense to transfer.  This article notes how we did this:

  1. TBS pointed their zone file A-record to my hosting server IP address (wait and watch for propagation through something like What’s My DNS).
  2. I created an add-on domain for each of the domain names that TBS changed and pointed it to the folder containing their website (each domain had to be created with a different subdomain/username, unfortunately).

Of particular note, TBS did not change their nameservers.  Doing so would have likely changed their MX record, which would have affected their ability to send/receive email.

Update January 2, 2016

With Streams of Life, it looks like their www entry in their A record (or CNAME) is still pointing to the old IP.  Unfortunately, What’s My DNS was indicating all was good, but Display DNS (although not as nice an interface) called out the issue.