Microsoft has made the switch from old-school image icons to font icons that web technologies like Font Awesome and Glyphicons have been offering for years.  There is a set of fonts that Microsoft has included with all Windows 10 operating systems.  But the font that has most of the icons is Segoe MDL2 Assets.  Here, I’m covering how to include these icons in your C#/XAML application.

In XAML, you can reference an icon by it’s friendly name, like this:

<SymbolIcon Symbol="Home" />

Or, you can refer to it’s hex code, like this:

<TextBlock x:Name="_myTextBlock" Text="&#xE80F;" FontFamily="Segoe MDL2 Assets" />

Now, if you want to reference the hex code in C#, take note how you change it up a bit:

_myTextBlock.Text = "\uE80F";

Using font icons is a lot easier than managing a bunch of resources and, with the right information, can help advance projects a bit faster and make things look a bit more uniform.

Update February 26, 2016

Found a site that also covers some of the Segoe UI Symbol icons, a supplemental offering to Segoe MDL2 Assets.